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Our company‘s history

In 2015, Bernd Heuer & Partner celebrated its 40th company anniversary.  .

Below you will find a short history of our company.



1975 The Bernd Heuer Group was founded as a consulting company for the construction, real estate and financial industries. At first, the firm was active as a management, marketing and human resources consulting company. From the 1980s until today, it has developed into an integrated provider of consulting services in the field of human resources. In addition, it has grown into an event service provider for sector development and specialist topics as well as further education and training.

1975 - 1985

Marketing consulting for the construction, real estate and finance industries

In the first years, Mr Bernd Heuer was primarily active as a marketing consultant for the construction, real estate and financial industries. He set himself the goal to develop and implement marketing concepts for projects and companies as well. This period also saw the national development of the Baumeisterhaus Group, a cooperation of medium-sized companies offering solid houses nationwide.

1985 - 1990

Consulting partnership Management Consulting Group

Through close cooperation with leading market partners such as Bulwien & Partner in the field of market research and Dr. Seebauer & Partner, specialized in management consulting services, the consulting partnership Management Consulting Group developed over this decade. Bernd Heuer- Dr. Seebauer & Partner Human Resources GmbH (with offices in Königstein, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin) was created by the merger with the human resources consulting activities of Dr. Seebauer. The event topics were set up by Bernd Heuer Communications GmbH Düsseldorf.

1990 - 1997

New era

As part of the generational change, the company was restructured: Mr. Thomas Flohr joined Bernd Heuer & Partner Human Resources GmbH as managing director and partner. Bernd Heuer Dialog Düsseldorf GmbH, newly founded together with Bernd Heuer, Gitta Rometsch and Martin Köller, took over the business areas of Bernd Heuer Communications GmbH as an innovation consultancy. It deals with topics in the field of university marketing and journalistic activities as well as the organisation of events. Bernd Heuer started his activities in Berlin with Bernd Heuer Dialog Berlin GmbH and accompanied the market launch of Immobilienscout 24. ebs Immobilienakademie’s experience in the development of study courses lead to the foundation of the Agenda4 eCommunity, an initiative that pursues the goal of developing sustainability in urban, real estate and building development being required in Agenda 21. This was achieved, among other things, by means of postgraduate master courses together with universities, the public sector and business. In addition, Martin Köller, Gitta Rometsch and Bernd Heuer founded the International Institute for Corporate Real Estate and the International Institute for Facility Management



With Germany’s reunification, the company initially concentrated on the planning and implementation of events in the new federal states. Among many other events, it organised a first congress with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. At the beginning of the 1990s, the foundations for the ebs Real Estate Academy in Oestrich-Winkel (now IREBS Real Estate Academy) were laid in cooperation with Professor Dr. Schulte. Bernd Heuer donated the Junior Real Estate Professional Prize for the best of the year in the Real Estate Economics course. The first issue of the trade magazine Immobilien Manager was published by Rudolf Müller Verlag under the editorship of Bernd Heuer. At the same time, the “Who’s Who” in the real estate industry was created in the same publishing house on the group’s database. In 1997 Bernd Heuer and Müller Verlag donated the Real Estate Industry Innovation Award “Planen, Bauen, Managen und Finanzieren”, which has been awarded by the FAZ in conjunction with the Real Estate Manager since 1999. In these years, the Management Consulting Group parted company and the personnel consulting business was then continued under the name Bernd Heuer & Partner Human Resources GmbH. The affiliated companies continue to work together in partnership and appear together at trade fairs. Another decisive step was taken in 1998, when Immobilien Scout 24 was founded. As a founding partner, we closely accompanied its development.


Interim Management

Volker Mauritz joined Bernd Heuer & Partner Human Resources GmbH as second managing director. Together with Thomas Flohr he developed the new business area Interim Management.


40 years Bernd Heuer und Partner

Bernd Heuer & Partner celebrated its 40th company anniversary.
Inga Beyler and Stefanie Schröder joined the management board in September.



Inga Beyler has taken over shares in the relevant amount from our Managing Partner Thomas Flohr, who for the first time brings a co-partner on board. In addition, she is now a member of the ULI Executive Committee.


The future will always be made by clever minds. Teaming people from different generations and nationalities who are personalities with experience and careers and getting them interested in the future of cities shall remain our business model. Discovering people with their ideas and potential and bringing them together in dialogue – these are the tasks of Heuer Dialog and Bernd Heuer Karriere. Only by way of networking, progress in cities, buildings and companies will be made possible in the future.