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Heuer Dialog GmbH – Market leader for networks in the real estate industry

The real estate industry generates billions every year. This implies a considerable social responsibility with major challenges – also at an international level. No sector of the economy and no municipality can manage the influx into the cities on its own. With activities at various levels, Heuer Dialog supports the rapprochement between business, politics, science and municipalities.

As market leader for networks in the form of events and business matching, Heuer Dialog has been supporting the real estate industry for over 40 years to facilitate access to all disciplines that deal with questions about the future of urban and real estate worlds. With innovative and interdisciplinary forums for sustainable urban, real estate and building development, joint networks are created. This is done with power, creativity and capital to secure the future of cities, regions and companies. Here, Heuer Dialog is the initiator and moderator.
In association with the dfv Mediengruppe, which currently offers more than 100 specialist magazines, Heuer Dialog makes a significant contribution to bringing the users of cities and buildings together with the initiators. Creating better competitive conditions for cities and companies and for future generations – this is a goal Heuer Dialog has always aimed for.
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