Bernd Heuer

We mourn our company founder Bernd Heuer. An obituary by Gitta Rometsch, Managing Partner of Heuer Dialog GmbH and Thomas Flohr, Managing Partner of Bernd Heuer & Partner Human Resources GmbH.

Bernd Heuer committed himself to ambitious objectives

A quarter of a century of close cooperation has come to an end. Bernd Heuer, our mentor and role model, is no longer with us for the exchange of ideas, that he loved so much. He shaped many careers, not to mention ours: the careers of his successors. It is his success story that he provided orientation through dialogues in various forms, through objectivity, neutrality and transparency. His clients were always what mattered most to him. „The users of cities, real estate and properties want you, ladies and gentlemen, to give answers on how to plan, build, manage and finance areas, “. This was one of his sometimes uncomfortable and persisting demands. „Stay curious, this is the first step into the future “. He himself used to look tirelessly for answers. The platform for science, research and innovation, agenda 4, for example, is one of them. Reviving the Bauhaus and Bauakademie knowledge brands as the brain for sustainably oriented products, processes and services, is another one. As an intermediary, he brought market knowledge into research programmes of the relevant ministries. How upset he was about subsidies the real estate industry received over the past decades instead of promoting innovation in the field of research and training! He worked tirelessly in administrations to overcome thinking barriers, dismantle structures and improve training. „Why don‘t you talk to the real estate industry“, he initially caused astonishment. Convinced? This also applies to the question of how to create a liveable city for all. As early as in 2005, he did not see the future of the real estate industry in the real estate location, but in its contribution to creating jobs. For him, Germany was to become the world’s market leader in sustainable urban development. It was always the big goals that drove him. And thus, also the question about the basics and the sense of values that carry this demanding industry. Making perspectives recognisable without claiming to be showing the way- this was his greatest gift. He made the real estate world better – maybe he even invented it. He used to wish us „Good luck “. Now we are the ones to say, „Good luck, dear Bernd Heuer – the dawning of a new era. “

Thomas Flohr, Bernd Heuer & Partner Human Resources GmbH

Gitta Rometsch, Heuer Dialog GmbH


Thomas Flohr


Bernd Heuer & Partner
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Gitta Rometsch

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