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Searching, selecting and recruiting managers and specialists are the core competencies of our service range.

Beyond that, we offer comprehensive services in the areas of human resources and interim management.

Due to our many years of experience, we are interlinked with a multitude of managers and specialists. This circle of contacts is regularly maintained, and new contacts are established by our various network activities and commitments. Subsequently, our databank is updated by our back office. Thus, we have permanent access to the elite of managers and specialists in the real estate, construction and financial industries.

When searching for suitable candidates. it is our task to precisely identify our clients’’ ideas and needs at the beginning of a recruitment process. We create tailor-made requirement profiles in close co-operation with our clients. This coordination focuses on the qualities and skills the ideal candidate must have. In addition, we also classify the points that can be classified as critical in the context of filling the respective position. This way, we ensure a quick, efficient and professional recruitment process.